Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last day(s) of school, Grad party...PHOTO HEAVY!

Me, Sara, Angela, Saba, Hannah, Brady and Grace before BD's Mongolian Grill for Grad Party!

Making shadows on the grass @ 10pm at the Grad Party

Another shadow- it's supposed to be a face :)

Keyla, Kylie and Me- Mr. Foley's room

Eric, Me and half of Julia- Mr. Foley's room

Sidewalk art at Grad Party! :D
More Sidewalk art- click on image and zoom in for better view

Peyton pointing to 2nd hour's little secret on the ceiling... (it has been there for 4 months) Click on image to zoom in to see the secret on ceiling!

.....the secret on the ceiling! Peyton threw it up to the ceiling and it stuck, and has stayed for four months! :D

Saba Swinging at Grad Party! Click on image and zoom in to check out her facial expression :D

Angela swinging at Grad Party

Patrick and Me!!! Ms. Rizk's room, 1st period journalism and Ms. Guida's 1st period art

Me, Kylie and Nicole in Mr. Foley's room

Sara, Hannah and Brady playing Badminton at Grad Party (yes, it is at night)

Kylie, Taylore and Grace at Grad Party

Me and Matthew T! Mr. Foley's room

Eric, Tolan and Me- Mr. Foley's Room

Grace and Brady at BD's Mongolian Grill

Some of  2nd period Geometry.... Where were the rest of them???

Some of 3rd Period Science-Mr. Foley's class

Me and Becca aka Doodle-Bug

Me and Gillian

Me and Nicole

Me and Saba

Me and Sara

Me and Angela

Autographs on Mrs. Brown's whiteboard! Click on image and zoom in to read names...

My graduation outfit... I got my hair styled, then took the clip out later! :D
I know, the picture is really dark-but I didn't take it. I have a green v-neck, cap-sleeved tee tucked into a cute black dressy skirt, black flip-flop wedges and pearl earrings/necklace.
I know this was a very picture heavy post, but I LOVE looking at pictures and I have more pictures coming soon! :D

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