Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, yesterday I went to the pool without sunscreen. Why? Because my parents moved the sunscreen so I had no idea where it was, they were not home to help me find it and my mom wouldn't answer her phone... so, I look like a tomato from the front- I never turned over, just laid on my back so only the front is burnt. I now look like this: (Maybe a little worse...)
THIS IS NOT ME! It is from Google Images

I never showed you guys what my bathing suit looks like though, so I will do so now! :D

This is my bathing suit and it is really cute, but unfortunately, I have to go and buy a one-piece for camp.... (It is a Christian camp so they have rules...) and I hope that I won't have two different tan lines. I probably will though. :( I am pretty sure I have the one-piece picked out already, but I will have to try it on, in-store.

It is a cute sailor color scheme halter and is pretty comfortable and cute, for a one-piece. I will probably wear it when I go diving too.... if not, it could end in disaster! :P

I hope you have avoided sunburn, and I hope my sunburn is worthwhile and turns into a tan... lol


  1. I LOVE both of the suits!!! they're adorable!! :D and sry to hear u got a sunburn :(

  2. GFC= Google Friend Connect or your followers :)

  3. I got sunburnt yesterday at the pool too!!!!! I feel your pain! I was rolling on my back during Hard Knock Life rehearsal today and it was torturous!