Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going Shopping!!!

In just an hour, I will be rewarding myself by shopping with friends! I had a long, hot, tiring and painful practice at gymnastics today and feel like treating myself to something-I don't know what-and am soooo glad that my friends and I had a shopping trip set up for this afternoon! I will do a haul post after the trip, so probably by next week I will have a haul post, so keep checking back for that.

Even though I injured myself, again, at practice, I got some new skills and am very glad! In addition to getting new skills, I started vaulting for the first time in five whole months and am vaulting at the same level as my teammates so the injury did not hold me back on vault, thankfully! :D

3:33:33..... :D

Haha, the alarm on my iPod just went off for 3:33:33, so that is why I typed that.... lol

"I wish for..................."


Anyway------ I need to go take a shower to get the chalk off of me from practice and finish eating so I will be ready to 'shop 'til I drop' and pick up Sara and Saba from their house to shop! Love you guys, you are amazing! ;)

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  1. I hope you had fun!!!!! Had such a great time with you the other day!