Friday, June 10, 2011

Mini Haul and random stuff

As I promised, here is the haul from my shopping trip yesterday with my girlies. I didn't buy much, for two reasons: 1.) I don't have much money 2.) I didn't really need anything, and what I did need (summer clothes) I didn't have the money for.

We stopped at Sephora and I purchased two items that are being discontinued so they were extremely cheap. They were the Jumbo Eye Pencils, at $4 each!
Metallic lilac (top) and metallic gray 
left : lilac, right: gray

I also stopped at Aeropostale and picked up three items: new shades for only $5.99, (they were 75% off,) a cute crop top for $3.99, (originally $19.50) and a cream colored cami, a must have! :D

crop top from Aero and sunglasses on head :)

Yes, like I said, it is a very small and mini haul, but oh well... :) It was fun and I am happy with my purchases!

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