Saturday, January 28, 2012


What should my twitter name be?!?! I have no idea... leave an idea, or two or three or four... in the comments! Please and thanks! xoxo <3

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gymnastics Competition

Today, at 8am, I had a competition in Knoxville, Tennessee for gymnastics. I was super excited for the meet because this was my second meet competing since my injury last year that left me out of season and competition. It feels so amazing to be able to compete again and go to meets with all my teammates and travel and have fun!

All cozy in sweats and Creek wear, ready for the three hour ride down :D
Bored while doing my math homework in the car... lol

I feel like a prisoner... but it's my identification number for check-in, scores and pictures
The beautiful sunset on the way home. God is so good. 
Free leo and medals I won
Here's a random video of my teammate, Lydia, and I messing around after practice one day :) LOL that took us forever to figure out! :D Well, sorry I haven't posted much. I have had surgery and school and competition and went to Excite Nite and stuff!!! :) TTYL <3 xoxo

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year everyone! With the new year brings new opportunities, chances, hardships and excitement! This year will be a biggy for me, as it'll be my 16th birthday, the conclusion of my first year of high school, and my first year competing as an optional (sort of) in gymnastics. 2011 treated me well; I definitely had some bumps in the road but I also have many good memories from the year that I will remember for the rest of my life. I just wanted to include some pictures that were highlights and important pieces of my year and wish you a spectacular year. Life's what you make it! <3

Washington DC Trip March 2011

4th Period Language Arts Reunion June 2011

Graduation party June 2011

15th Birthday Party October 2011

Physical Therapy Summer of 2011

Doe River Gorge June 2011

Competing for the first time after being injured for a year November 2011
8th Grade graduation June 2011

8th Grade Dance May 2011
*Sorry I can't post more pictures, my computer is having issues and so I am using a different computer and it doesn't have any of my pictures, so I had to find these pictures from past blog posts.