Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock Band Overload, Pet-sitting, Shout-out

Yesterday, my brother got his Rock Band in the mail, and boy was he eager to open it and play. All of yesterday and today, there has been a game going on in the background. I have so many songs stuck in my head, including 'Gunpowder and Lead', 'Eye of the Tiger', 'Move Along', and others. It is such a jumbled noise in my head and unfortunately, it's not just in my head. As I type, both my brothers and two of their friends are playing with two guitars, one drum set and one singer. The scratchy singing combined with the inconsistent beating on the drum pads are such a racket. I think I am going to go crazy! I won't lie, it is a fun game to play-when you are playing, but to watch and listen-----run away!!! Save me!

On a different note, this weekend, I am taking care of pets for three different families; I hope the pay is worth it. I love animals and all, but sometimes taking care of them can be a pain in the you-know-where.

Shout-out to everyone I have met at DRG! Some of you should be looking at my blog sometime soon... I love you all! :D

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