Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Surprise, DRG & NOTD

Hey everyone, here is a random pic of me with glasses....
Haha, I don't wear glasses, these are my mom's but I felt like taking a picture in them just for fun! :D
All of my clothes smell like camp and I kind of like it that way, because I didn't want to leave camp and have so many wonderful memories!
-On Thursday night, during worship, people went up on stage and told everyone something good that happened to them during the week. My whole entire group decided to go up together and when it was Olivia's turn to talk, she basically just said she was very glad she came and she felt so much closer to God and that it was her first year. Then she said "I should have come soomer!" She completely lost it and the audience cracked up.... It was hilarious.
-A youth group from Mississippi was there and there was this really crazy and hilarious girl named Serra (Sarah/Sara) who had a strong accent and so someone asked where she was from, and without thinking, she responded. "I'm from Mippississi!" It was so funny, and then she spit her water in their face because it was funny and because they made fun of her because she accidentally said that! :D
-My entire group learned a song by Bruno Mars, Count On Me, and we sang it the entire week at the most random times: When we were tree climbing, eating dinner, jumping in puddles, (We made up a puddle dance and got soaked to the bone because it splashed so much!), at the Cafe, on the way to Big Top, in the middle of nowhere, etc. etc. The part of the song we sang goes like this, "You can count on me like 1-2-3, I'll be there. And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4-3-2, you'll be there. 'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah..." We all became so close to each other and I am so glad I can now call Abigail, Kilraine, Richelle, Emily, Susannah, Sydney, Hannah, Olivia my closest friends! :D
-I got four welts from playing paintball, two on my left leg, one on my right shin, and one in the center of my chest. They have all now turned into bruises...
-I beat everyone in tether-ball!!! Including a guy that is older than me who I played 4 times and beat four times. Everytime I beat him, he was like, "Oh, I'll beat you in the next game!" Then he lost-again. What was funny about it though, was that about 10 of his friends were standing around him watching him get beaten and were making fun of him for losing!
-I have bruises, deep cuts, scratches, bug bites all over my body! I also have a bit of a farmer's tan from wearing a t-shirt and shorts all week, including at the lake! :P

This video helps to visualize just what I experienced at camp and gives a better understanding. There are no words to describe this camp-it is too amazing!

I had a ton of fun, and got some scares, including a 4-5 foot long snake in the water around the blob while I was on the blob... haha :) There is so much to tell and I can't even remember it all, but when I do, I will fill you in!

NOTD- Fiercely Fiona

OPI Fiercely Fiona (Limited edition Shrek line)
I got this nail polish for 80 cents on clearance! :D


  1. OMG! Jane and her friend sang Count On Me at their graduation!! I have a pic of it too!

  2. BTW, check out my pics from Boston and haul! :) Love ya!