Monday, May 30, 2011

Worm App

Did you know???

That there is an app that helps you search for worms?!?!? It is Ah-Mazing! It has a bright light and it beeps when it nears a worm, like a metal detector on the beach. It's called, "Find a Worm!"

Haha, just kidding, but I seriously thought there was one, because last night, I was searching for worms with my cousin in Eastern Kentucky and he opened this app on his phone and it turned on a flashlight and after a little while, pretty much right as we found a worm, his phone beeped-this led me to believe that it was a worm-finding app. Actually, his phone battery was low so it beeped to let him know he needed to charge it and the app he opened was a flashlight app, the finding the worm was just odd timing and coincidence. Boy oh boy did I feel slow... and then my uncle would NOT leave me alone about it!

Anywho, for my Memorial Day weekend, I went to visit family near Pikeville and Caught a frog, found a huge lizard, ate too many hotdogs, played frisbee, searched for worms with a worm finding app, played baseball, renamed all my cousins and myself, played tag, made s'mores, ate red velvet cake, found a chicken in the bushes laying on its eggs, slept until 10:30- I am NOT ready to go back to school tomorrow!!!

Thanks to all the soldiers and volunteers who help fight to give us freedom! We take all we have for granted and never even think twice about how lucky we are to be alive and carefree-well, most of us... :D Thanks for all you do!


  1. yeah, thank you soldiers! not only do you fight for us, you give us a day of from school! :) jkjkjkjk.

  2. Uh...being the slow person I am, I almost looked up this "app" but I kept reading...haha:D