Saturday, May 14, 2011

It has been awhile... AWESOME VIDEO!

Okay, obviously, I have not been on blogger for awhile, mainly due to homework but also because blogger was down for a little while. Today, while checking the Buzz on my G mail, I found this picture and it suits me perfectly! 
Anywho, yesterday I got a new EOS egg in Summer Fruit, but I have not used it yet, even though my old one, Honeydew Melon is out. :)
I now have only 13 days of school left before I become a high schooler! I am ready for school to be over for the year, but not for it to end. What I mean by that is that I want summer to come, long days at the pool, shopping with friends, staying outside until every inch of your body is covered in bug bites and sun burn, etc. But, I don't want the end of middle school to come, because all of my friends are moving on to a different school and the past three years of my life have made so many memories. Everyone is going their separate ways and many people I won't ever see again, so I have thirteen days left to say good-bye... :(

Just a little over a week ago, my school did our own version of We Are the World, and it was for Japan and the earthquake. We didn't practice as a whole school at all, we just performed two/three times and filmed each one, then the school chose the best filmed version to upload to YouTube so that people can donate and help Japan. There are multiple videos taken by parents and spectators at the performance on May 6th, but this was taken professionally, so, enjoy and please do not hate, we were trying to make an effort to show we want to help and never got to practice before, so all things considered, we did pretty well. Unfortunately, I was sick this day so I am not in the actual video, but my friends, brother, and teachers are. :D Enjoy, and if you care about Japan, donate! :D


  1. Wed-nes-day! I can't lie...I think that every time I write, type, etc. that word:D I had an awesome...but wet...time at state with you, Katelyn!!!!!!