Sunday, April 10, 2011

My spring break...

Hey guys! I am finally back from my wonderful spring break trip to the outer banks, a string of islands that are a part of North Carolina. Yes, our family was daring and wore our UK wear while in NC, though I was afraid they would eat us alive. :D Thankfully, they did not! We stayed in Kill Devil Hills, right by Nags Head. And yes, they have funny names, including a town called, Duck. (I laughed my head off at that one...) We arrived at our resort late Saturday afternoon and left yesterday at about 12:30, after visiting one last lighthouse. In total, we saw 5 lighthouses and went up in 1 lighthouse. While on the trip, we visited Bodie Island Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Roanoke Marshes Lighthouses, Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Ocracoke Island Lighthouse. At the first lighthouse, I got the bright idea to do a handstand in front of the lighthouse, Bodie Island Lighthouse, and have my dad take a picture. After that, I did a handstand in front of anywhere we went or anywhere that looked cool/we had fun there. So, most of the pictures I have to show you in this post consist of my wobbly, off -balance, bad form handstands. In some of the pictures, it was pouring rain, in some it was windier than you can ever imagine, and sometimes, I was just flat out lazy. So, for your pleasure, here are the pictures. The numbers in front of the captions indicate which happened first, second, last, etc.
1.) Bodie Island Lighthouse

2.) Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

8.) Currituck Beach Lighthouse. (I am on the left, and the one that looks like they are falling down on the right is my bro, Tyler, he was attempting a handstand for fun. He did a good job but the camera got him falling down...) This is also the lighthouse we went up in. My legs still hurt from the long walk up the spiral stairs...

5.) Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse

6.) Jockey's Ridge Sand Dunes

4.) Ferry to Ocracoke Island, beautiful sunset

7.) On the beach, getting ready to fall over, my even younger bro, Jared, giving me a thumbs-up
3.) Ocracoke Lighthouse
 I will post about the trip in another post, but I wanted to go on and get these pictures posted first! :) Thanks for reading and I hope you had a great spring break 2011!

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