Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clinique, B&BW, random Haul!

Finally! I have the pictures, even though I took them with my phone's camera, I have the pictures! Everything in this post I received for free-other than the rock candy! :) Enjoy! 
Flowery Clinique Makeup Bag

Clinique color surge eyeshadow trio in R-L: Sable, Sparkling Sage, Day Break

IDK the brand name, but it is creamy eyeshadow in the color, Jade. It is really dramatic!

Clinique superbalm moisturizing gloss in  01 Apricot

Clinique 'different lipstick' in Tender-heart 
Clinique color surge eyeshadow trio in R-L: Come Heather, Lilac Truffle, Seashell pink/Fawn Satin

Clinique high impact mascara in 01 Black

me and my rock candy from the Air & Space museum in D.C. :)

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion (yellow bottle) and 7-day scrub cream (green bottle)

B&BW Summer Berries Slatkin & Co. candle

B&BW Tropical Spice Slatkin & Co. candle


  1. Awesssome. I saw the Clinique stuff in a display at Dillard's.

  2. How on Earth was that all free?! (and why didn't I know about it?)

  3. Nice! I heard you made track team too! See you at the track:D

  4. Oh should totally check out my poetry blog...I have become obsessed with writing idea why! It is...

  5. I got most of that stuff to but the females in my family including me split it all up