Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Okay, sorry, I haven't done a post in about two-ish weeks. While those two weeks have passed, I went to Washington D.C. with my school! It was such a great and fun experience! I would post the pics, but my camera is still having technical difficulties, so I will post the low-res ones taken by my phone. The pics are coming ASAP! If you want to see some photos of the DC Trip from my friend's camera, check out her blog posts on the trip!
She is doing multiple posts to get all the pics in, based upon the day/time of day. Check it out, some of them I don't have pics of either-even though I took over 400 pics the whole trip! Yes, I will have a hard time choosing which ones to show you...

I also have a haul post on the way, over a bunch of new, (well not a bunch, but you know what I mean) Clinique products! :) Love you guys, follow me if you aren't already!

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