Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My new Obsession!

I have a new obsession: fashion magazines. My current favs are Marie Claire, InStyle, Vogue, and Elle. This month's girl on the cover of Elle is..... Katy Perry! Yay! I do not have subscriptions to anything other than Marie Claire, but I have at least one issue of the others listed above. Marie Claire's covergirl is Miley Cyrus, InStyle: Julianna Moore, and Vogue: Lady GaGa! In the Marie Claire issue of the month, Miley is trying way too hard to be an adult, even though she is now 18, she is trying to speed up her aging in every way except wrinkly skin.

I love looking at some of the crazy Prada, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Coco Chanel, Michael Kors, Banana Republic (My favorite!), Juicy Couture, etc. outfits and accessories. 


My least favorite part about the magazines though, is most of hair and makeup. This is because most of it is so dramatic and out of this world that I cannot learn anything from it. I love the Juicy Couture advertisements and the Coco Chanel makeup though... :)

Prada Makeup


Coco Chanel Makeup

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  1. OMG my mom has that issue of InStyle with Julianne Moore on the cover. I read the whole thing. Score!