Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Okay, so here's the thing

My favorite part about blogs and making blog posts is the pictures. (If you haven't noticed...) Unfortunately, my supposed-to-be-amazing Kodak camera doesn't want to function with my computer, it will function with any other (I have tried), but not my own. :( This is disappointing to me because I like looking at things with pictures, it makes what I am reading easier for me to understand and more enjoyable to look at. I am trying to fix the comp. problem, but it will probably take awhile. I am working on it though, and for the time being, I will just take pics with my phone (I have been doing this already, that is why some pics are worse than others-sorry) and send them to my email so I can post them.... this post is pretty much pointless so I really don't know why I am writing about it-whatever, I don't really care.

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