Friday, March 11, 2011

Winterjam is tomorrow!

I am so excited for Winterjam and am going to be doing Winterjam a lot differently this year than I have before. I will be going with a large group of other people and waiting about 6 hours in line before the doors open! :) I am excited because my friends have said that it is the best part, so I am very anxious, but I have been sick. I have had stomach churning pain, migraines, scratchy sore throats for two days now and I am a little scared that I will be sick tomorrow in line or sick in the morning when I get up. Pray that I will be healthy long enough to go to this concert and that everything will go smoothly for me! :) I will tell you all about it, hopefully on Sunday and I am hoping to get some pics, but that depends on my camera. Love ya! -Katelyn


  1. I'm going with one or two friends!!! I'm so excited! Have fun waiting in line...haha:D