Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stupid Tornado-Tag!

There was another tornado warning today... at school... five-ish minutes after school started... just as they passed out the state tests... Stupid! Everyone in the building had to go out into the halls and take the 'drop-cover-hold' position against the lockers.

We held this position for approximately 16 painful minutes, then were allowed to sit up and turn around with our back to the lockers. Five minutes later, Mr. Hodge, an administrator, comes down the hall, "Back in positions!" then a minute later, Ms. Gabbard, an eighth grade language arts teacher, says, "Sit up guys, it's clear!" then a minute or so later, Ms. Thompson, the vice principal comes down the hall, "Drop, cover, and hold, everyone!" Two minutes later another teacher comes and tells us we can sit up, so we were switching positions back and forth every minute or two and we were really annoyed. Our legs, feet and arms were already numb/asleep from holding them in the same position or sitting on them for so long. Then, we had to get back in the 'hold' position for about 10 minutes, then we sat up for about 8, then back down, then in the 'hold' position again for 14-ish minutes, and so forth and so forth until we had been in the hall for an HOUR AND A HALF!!! Talk about being frustrated... In the middle of all of this time in the hall, our 8th grade Spanish teacher comes down the hall, speaking very loudly in her strong Spanish accent, "This is NOT a drill, this is NOT a drill!" Just the way she said it and kept repeating it made everyone laugh. :) 

During this time, we were supposed to be doing our KCCT state tests. Because of this, "not a drill," we didn't get to take our tests today and will instead take today's test tomorrow and tomorrow's test on Friday. So, once we were all released to our rooms, we stayed in our homerooms until the bell would ring on a normal day, (about twenty minutes from when we went back to our rooms,) and from there, had a regular rest-of-the day, which was third hour to the end of the day. When my homeroom went back to our class, my group of friends and I carried on our tradition: whenever we have homeroom, (Usually every three weeks or for testing,) we play UNO together, and not once this entire year have we finished a game, one time we had 90 minutes to play and we didn't finish. We cheat! We pass each other cards that they need and gang up on each other if someone is about to win and make each other draw a billion cards. It is so much fun and we rig the game but it is so amazing and we laugh so much. You really have a good time and get to know each other... you should try it sometime. So, we carried on the tradition for twenty minutes and laughed until our stomachs hurt more than our numb legs! :)

All in all, it was an interesting and exciting day! Have a story to tell about the tornado warnings/thunderstormy weather? Create your own post with a funny, interesting or dangerous story/experience that you have had, even if they were years ago! :) Have an awesome night and enjoy the rain while we have it!

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