Saturday, April 16, 2011

Heads-up & PICS of me!

Just wanted to give you followers of mine a heads-up on a post coming soon. Within the next week or so, I will have a haul post on what I got at the mall and what I will get when I go tomorrow. Just giving you guys a little something to look forward to! :D

In the meantime, here are some random pics I found on my computer! :)

me shooting a free throw-when I played basketball! :D yes, I played on a boys team...

OMG! language arts 4th period Ms. Rizk 2009-2010 :) we've changed so much! 

me hitting the softball-when I played softball :D
Madi Ginn, Katie Wooley, Kellsie Pugh, Danisha Hamilton, myself and some other girls after riding in limo! :)

Julia, Sara, Me and Angela in 7th grade, when Mr. T gave his science classes marshmallows filled w/ food coloring! Ours didn't have food coloring though... :P

a professional photo of me... I can't do that yet... :(

me, two of my cousins and my youngest bro in Eastern Kentucky bein crazy!

Me, Erin and Kenna @ winterjam, waiting in line in 2009

Me (left) and Loren Spalding (right) @ the closing performance for the last year that our elementary school was open.

me and my 5th grade bestie, Araya! Buddy! :D

me playing golf! :D

at my cousin's wedding in NC! :)

Getting the jackpot at some place... :D I was surprised

testing out the intercom at our housey-thingy when we went to NYC! :D

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  1. I had no idea you played so many sports! How you had time for school escpaes me. I love your blog though. I can;t believe I haven't seen you since WEG! Miss you!