Friday, April 22, 2011

Contest Winner & TORNADO!!!

As my followers probably know, I held a very unimportant contest for a Yves Saint Laurent mascara sample... The lucky winner is: Angela! Congrats Ang, you are the winner, we had an entrant with a higher score, and another entrant who entered twice, unfortunately, the first score counts, not the second, since it gives the answers afterwards... also, the highest scoring entrant was not a follower, so Angela gets the prize!

In addition, as all of you Lexingtonians should know, we had a tornado warning tonight. When the warning was issued, I was at my gymnastics practice, which is in Versailles so we got the warning at about 6:15. Our gym has a metal roof so the rain was SUPER loud and absolutely pounded. It was so loud that if I were standing two feet from you, I wouldn't be able to hear you yell. So, we got off of beam, (such a great distraction the rain was, you really could've died with the racket, trying to concentrate and land safely on a four-inch wide beam, four feet off the ground...) and went and made a fort out of matts. We all crowded under the 'fort' and talked for about 30  minutes. After being squished in the tight space, the weather got worse so we all went and jumped in the pit and once again covered ourselves with matts. Here are two pics..

Lydia and myself hiding under two matts... :D

Some of the younger girls jumping outta the pit to go to the bathroom... if you look closely, you can see people crawling out from under the matts...
It was a fun night, I don't really feel like going into details but let's just say there were tears of fear, jokes told, telephone games gone hysterical, learning facts about each other, egg hunts, conditioning, REALLY LOUD RAIN, candy and memories... We will have an inside joke about this one day... :D

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