Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Skin Care Routine

Recently I have been taking extra special care of my skin so it looks beautiful for back to school. With that being said, I thought it may (Or may not) interest you to know what I do and use.

1.) Facial Cleanser 
Aveeno Positively Radiant facial cleanser makeup remover
-I use this product in the morning when I wake up, to start off clean for the day. Then, in the evening, right before I go to bed, I use it again to clean my face and remove the makeup.

2.) Facial scrub
Clinique 7-day scrub cream
-I use this product after I wash my face in the evening. It works best if your face is dry, so I dry my face by patting it with a towel after I wash with Aveeno, then apply the cream and scrub gently until the ex-foliating beads disappear then rinse off with warm water. 


3.) Facial Mask
Mary Kay Clarifying Mask Formula 3
-I use this product once a week, at night after I have cleaned my face. On the night I use this product, I do not use the Clinique scrub cream. Your face must be dry when applying or it defeats the purpose. You leave the mask on for 10 minutes then rinse it off with warm water-try not to move your face or talk while it is on so it doesn't crack. 

This is what I do for my skin. I know beauty reps usually tell you to use all of the same brand with face products like make-up remover, moisturizer, masks, etc. I do not and I have not had irritation by using three different brands, so unless it does irritate your skin or cause you to break out, I would say it is fine to use different products. :) Have a great day! <3

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