Friday, July 15, 2011

Flooreography: Check!

Yay! Today I finished my flooreography for my floor routine! There were a couple of things we ended up not using in my routine, but oh well. It is very gorgeous and fun, but oh-so exhausting. I am so out of breath at the end; it is a spectacular workout! :D Anyway, today we did not get my room painted-or yesterday. Yesterday my mom and dad worked on sanding the walls where there were some rough spots and filling the holes from nails. Today my mother started painting the built-in bookshelf in my room, because the back of it has never been painted, so it is that generic, ugly, tan color that you see in new houses.
Before beginning painting. Yes, I had to empty everything out of it, which was a pain. lol. Can u see the ugly color I am referring to? It will be nice and white soon! :D

Haha yeah... as I speak my mother is painting around the top of the walls, the lighter blue color!!! :) As you may have noticed, the only real thing I have done in this whole process is the cleaning and such-due to my elbow. I can't really do these things efficiently with the pain in my elbow. :'(
I know this post is all over the place, but that makes it more interesting, right??
Tonight we had delicious cupcakes that my brother made and decorated himself, to look like a golf hole:

Isn't that cool? They were yummy, good job, Bro! Then afterwards, we went and played mini-golf! Fun, fun, fun! :) Another different topic: currently there is a fair that comes every year to Lexington in the park behind my neighborhood, and it looks so amazing with all of the lights on! I took some pics tonight, but all you can see without getting up close is the ferris-wheel:

I hope you had a wonderful day today and I hope my room comes along quickly! :D

**All images are mine


  1. Wow! Sounds like your having an awesome time right now!!!! I'm glad!!! I love the cupcakes! So cute!!! And I can't wait to see your room! I'm sure it'll be awesome! And your floor routine sounds sooooo cool!!!!

  2. I think your room is going to turn out great!!!! lol I still haven't posted up my room tour :P