Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Semi-Recent Life in Pictures

A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? Well here are some pictures of things I have done in the past month or so... Enjoy!
Erin and I

Dance Partay @ Ang's 15th b-day bash

:) Lovely, just lovely

Quick, call the doctor, we have a bad case of BIEBER FEVER!

I Love you too!!! 

Angela putting makeup on, Julia talking to Kylie, me looking at Brady's phone and Saba, well, she's being Saba :)

Oh My..... Brady.....




Yummy OrangeLeaf! :P


Art created by: Hannah! :) 

Angela and I :) 

Doesn't she look sooo comfy? :O

Rock on!

A flower in my backyard...
Hmmm, I wonder who that is??


  1. I love these pics! Especially the Orange Leaf one and the one of the flower!!! Very cool!:D

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  3. haha cutee. and here's my review of the Benefit trio, finally!!
    love you girl