Friday, September 23, 2011

Canoeing, Kanoodling, and Canaking

Tomorrow I am scheduled to canoeing with a good friend of mine and I am very excited to do so because I rarely get to see them and canoeing is actually pretty fun. :) I am hoping and praying that the weather will be nice though, because if it isn't, well, then I won't get to go.
Today was a blah kind of day. Nothing exciting happened. One test, one quiz, no projects or anything. No inside jokes. Only bad news and depressing stuff. I may go to my school's football game tonight, but I haven't decided yet. I also may go to a block party tonight with a friend, but I don't know about that either...

So sorry for the absence recently... I'm so overloaded with school and gymnastics and church and doctors appointments. I have some new makeup to show y'all that I will be posting soon (hopefully) so yeah.... Sorry this is really boring. Hope for spectacular weather tomorrow!!! <3

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