Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Sunday Night (TGIS)

Last night, I spent the night at Erin's house after her family and the Relich's family came over for an end of summer party. Erin and I had a blast, we ate pizza, danced in the rain, played corn-hole (Is it your turn or mine?.....It's the You's and Me's...) watched the movie, Tangled, watched UK cheer team videos, listened to music and spent an hour braiding our hair... after braiding our hair, we went to sleep and didn't look in a mirror until we woke up. I must say the result was astounding and shocking. We laughed so hard, because our hair had become afros... It was a fun filled night and I was glad to get to see her, even though I will see her tomorrow :) 

I hope you have had a fun labor day weekend, and there is still time left to do stuff if you haven't already... I know I have stuff planned tonight. Good Luck Tates Creek football! :)

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