Saturday, September 24, 2011

Canoeing with the Cunninghams

Today, I went canoeing with my whole family and my friend's whole family. It was a 6 mile route (Trail, road, stream??? Idk...) and it was a ton of fun! My brother and Jake's brother were in a canoe together and came this close to tipping over, but didn't.... Haha. We canoed for about two hours, then went to Steak 'N' Shake afterwards, and ate together. Our families got along so well and had a ton of fun, I would definitely do it again. The weather was perfect, it was supposed to rain, but it was nice and warm, with a little bit of a chilly breeze. The day couldn't have gone any better!

So, after we were done canoeing and got to the restaurant, I changed clothes because I was getting cold. As soon as I changed clothes, I sat down at the table and picked up my glass to take a drink of my water. I wasn't paying attention and totally poured my water all over my lap!! :O It was so funny, Jake and I sat there and laughed and laughed. I had a great day and couldn't have hoped for anything more! <3

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  1. Awesome girlie!!! Did Ella go see Charlotte's Web today??? I think I saw her there...