Sunday, August 7, 2011

OhMyGosh! Fun EOTD

Okay guys, blah blah blah, I'm sorry I haven't posted, blah blah blah...... I have stuff planned for my blog-I PROMISE! I just have been Super Duper busy recently. I received my winnings from my first giveaway win from Allie Early, of Sundresses and Smiles, and I cannot wait to post the review and stuff! :) Thanks, Allie! I also went to Kings Island for a whole day and saw Briana, Dylan, David and Erin, and that was super fun, but I only have two pictures, so I may or may not post about that... Yesterday, I went to Julia's birthday party at the pool. Her family rented out the pool so it was just the people invited to the party-it was a blast and I had fun trying new flips off the diving board!!! There were probably around 14 people there, so it was a nice size party and I got to see Danni, Nicole, Madi, Hannah, Brady, Julia, Angela, Sara, Saba, Shivam, Jake, Matthew, Patrick, and I don't know who else, (Sorry if I left you out accidentally!) I also had gymnastics every day except Friday this week so I was very busy with that, as well as trying to fit in the back-to-school shopping so I apologize for my absence.
Now on to the fun EOTD. Unfortunately, I don't know the brand of this makeup product and I was bored so I just did this look for fun. I probably would not wear this out of the house tho....

Have a great rest of the day and enjoy the rest of your summer! <3


  1. That's awesome!!! So pretty and summery! And that turquoise looks so good on your skintone. :DDD

  2. That's pretty! I bet that party was fun:D Kings Island rocks!!!