Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Highlights! And hair! And smiles!

Heyy guys! Tonight I am getting highlights! I have gotten highlights before, this will be the third time and I am so excited! Since I am getting my hair highlighted and since school starts in one day (!?!?!?) and since this post was a request, I have decided to do a back-to-school hairstyle 'tutorial'... kind of.

To start, take a section of your hair from the front of one side of your part and braid it halfway back your head, fastening it with bobby pins:

You can leave your hair down, with the braid to the side or you can pull the rest of the hair up into a side pony:

You can leave it in a pony or you can add a bow to spice it up OR you can twist it up into a bun and tie a bow with a ribbon:

If you aren't a ribbon person, stick a fake flower from a craft shop in the edge of the bun to add color and fun:

 (Or you can just leave your hair down completely!) :D Haha.

The last thing you must to do to create this look is smile, because, "You're never fully dressed without a smile!" 

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  1. Yey! Reference to Annie:D Those are very pretty hairstyles! See you at school! Yikes!