Friday, August 26, 2011

The Definition of School is...

School |skool|
1. A place where adults torture young children for minimum wage......


Some of you may enjoy school, some of you...not so much. I don't dislike school, I just dislike (home)work. This past week was the first five-day week of school this year, and I made it out alive! Well, I left school early on Monday but, technically, it was a full week of school. It wasn't too bad, but I could definitely do without the homework. And "...I can do without you leaving little chocolate almond Hershey bars in my mailbox-they melted yesterday and now I got three gooey letters from home with nuts in them. And I can certainly do without you sneaking into my apartment after I go to work and painting my balcony without telling me about it. I stepped out there yesterday and my slippers are still glued to the floor!..." (Erin, you will be the only one who understands that...(It was an excerpt from a monologue I had to perform in class)).

I have some interesting characters with me at school, both teachers and students. My algebra II teacher calls everyone 'honey' or 'babe' or 'baby' and she gets soooo into what she is teaching, so it is fun to watch.  My english teacher is so young and fun to be around, she even has a poster of Lil' Wayne in her room and she keeps up with everything we keep up with (celebs, fashion, music, etc.), so we have some fun conversations. My latin teacher's daughter had a baby today... random, I know, but that is exciting. :) My global econ teacher is brand new and sticks to the rules, I think she is just afraid to do her own thing because she is new. My art teacher is OCD and has dislexia, so she freaks us all out a little bit... she even told us she has OCD and dislexia, there was something else too, but it was large scientific term so I forgot, naturally. Also, I have two carpool buddies-Lydia (I mention her in my gymnastics posts) and Christian. I have known Christian since 5th grade and he is a very interesting person... lol. He is really nice and smart, but boy oh boy, does he have his moments that are outta this world. The other day, we were taking him home and he changed the display screen in our car (Itsa a Prius) to km/hr and so it showed we were doing 100. So, of course, he comes up with something witty to say, "We are doing 100 and everyone is faster than us?!?!?"... you had to be there, but it was a very interesting car ride, trip to Target and trip to LTMS with him.... 'nough said. :)

Well, I don't know what to say... I am tired from practice tonight, so I'm gonna 'sign off'... :) Luv ya all! <3


  1. haha...i loved your monologue! it was way funny:)

  2. Cool...I had a friend at Driscoll who had dyslexia, but that definitely didn't hinder her creativity, so I bet your art teacher is actually pretty good.