Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Music

Music is a big part of my life, it can lift my spirirts and make me really happy, or it can make me cry. It can even make me laugh or feel exactly what the singer feels. Thanks to Sam, I was inspired to write about it.

Some of my current favorite songs vary in genre, I really like Awake and Alive, by Skillet, which is a christian song that has some good beats and bass and lyrics for bobbing that head, as Rascal Flatts would put it. I also lovvveee My Wish, by Rascal Flatts. This is a very inspirational song that will go great with any video/picture montage or just to bring a tear to your eye and know that someone loves you. We R Who We R, by Ke$ha, is a great song as well, some of the lyrics are odd but it is a good dance song and really gets your adrenaline pumping. Another of my favorites is Sparks Fly, by Taylor Swift, this song came out late October when her most recent album, Speak Now, was released. I really just love the story behind it and it is fun to sing along to. These are a few of my favs and I will give you an update later when I think of new songs I love or hate! Bye! :)

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