Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Golden Violet Eye

Three words: I was bored. I sat down at my makeup vanity and began working. I used a collection of purples, shimmery, matte, sparkly, and shiny. I followed a tip on Oprah's website for eyeliner and smudged it so there was no defined line on the upper lid. I lightly lined the lower lid with black pencil liner and added mascara and voila! After that, I added a little blush, lipgloss and bronzer, and these were the results! Maybe, if want to, and people want me to, I will do a written tutorial, unless I find the video I did. If I find the video, I will post it. If I do not find the video and I get enough requests, I will type the tutorial. Thanks, enjoy, and follow me!

P.S. This is what I do on snow days!!!!

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