Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year... Late!

So I know this is really late, 6 days late, but still, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even though I did a post on New Year's Day, I never actually said the words, 'happy new year,' so there you go! Do you have a resolution? Have you ever had a resolution... (Me and You! :) Inside joke...) I have two this year, and have never had any before. This year, my whole family is going to try to go the whole year without eating McDonald's, and my own personal resolution, to not drink any pop whatsoever. (Good luck with that, self!) This post really doesn't have much in it, but I thought I would entertain you with a picture of myself that I took of a really weird, Lady Gaga-ish makeup look I did when I was bored on New Year's Eve to celebrate. It made me laugh, so enjoy and happy new year!

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