Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fantastic Night/Afternoon! :)

This afternoon and evening have been exceptionally pleasing and fun! It all started when I went to physical therapy for my knee so that it can heal, (I have plica syndrome,) I did some muscle strengthening, as if I don't do enough already, a massage, iced my knee, and had an ultrasound done on my knee. Then, my dad picked me up from my PT and he told me that my lil bro's orchestra concert had been canceled, so my mom had nothing to do tonight. That may seem ordinary to you, but tonight is the Rascal Flatts concert with opener Luke Bryan, and my mom is a biggg fan of Rascal Flatts and she decided not to get herself tickets to the concert since Jay had a concert tonight. This meant that we, my dad and I, would be able to get tickets at Rupp Arena for my mom for the show that will be in 10 minutes. We drove to Rupp Arena because my dad called ticketmaster to inquire whether or not the show was sold out. Arrival at Rupp Arena and there were police everywhere, but we managed to find a parking space. My dad and I made our way towards the ticket offices and approximately nine scalpers approached us and offered us tickets at less-than-normal prices... They freak me out... Finally, we were able to scoot our way past the scalpers and purchase two tickets from the people we can trust: TicketMaster! My dad and I started to make our way back to the car, but then realized the scalpers from earlier were following us and calling us. I told my dad that they freaked me out, so we ducked into the Hyatt and made a sneaky escape by coming out of the front entrance of Hyatt and passing by 7 of the scalpers, left to deal with two. Luckily, they were easy to deal with and they let us go. Haha, I sound like we were kidnapped or held hostage or something... :)

Anywho, we got the tickets to surprise my mom with and called my grandmother, Oma, to come to watch us while my parents go to the concert. Then, at home, after I had surprised my mom, (It feels good to make others happy and surprised!) my family was eating dinner and my dad was telling us that as soon as he finished his plate, they would be leaving. Jay, crazy as he is, said, "But Oma isn't here ye---" DING DONG! It was really funny and a sad case of irony, we were cracking up.

Okay, now to the part I cannot describe because my dad told me a story from his college days that was so funny and I laughed so hard, that I felt like I had been doing abdominal conditioning for a lonnngg time because my abs hurt so bad. Does that make sense??? We were riding in the car on the way to get the tickets and a bike drove by us down by UK's campus... thus brining back memories of my dad's sophmore year of college. I will try to type it later so this isn't too long, but it is hilarious! TTYL! :)

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