Monday, February 21, 2011

No school today + no friends today = I'm bored

Well, it is President's Day, so there is no school. Usually I would be very happy about this, and don't get me wrong, I am glad there is no school, but I had nothing to do today and my mom was sick, so I was stuck in the house to watch TV shows about wedding cakes and to do my geometry homework. I was supposed to work on an art club project with Saba, Sara, and Angela today, but since my mom was sick, she couldn't take me anywhere and the others were kinda busy. I got up at 9am today, so much earlier than I usually do, (If allowed, I usually sleep until 11:30 on average) and I ate and watched the final episode of Hannah Montana. Then I read, (I finally finished the Twilight saga! It wasn't lame like I thought it would be..) and got on email-but no one was on, so I sat down and watched some shows on TLC about wedding cakes and all these other cakes that cost a bunch. One of them was $4,800 for a girl's 15th birthday! Then I did homework and tried to clean my room, but I didn't feel like it so now I am here, typing up my lovely boring day for you... I hope yours was better than mine! :) 

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