Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guess what I won????

Well, the photo kind of gives it away, but yes, I won a pink iPod Shuffle! There was a raffle at the UK Gymnastics breast-cancer-awarness-pink-meet for a free pink iPod Shuffle. I entered my name twice and thought nothing of it, until they called my name out loud and told me I was the winner. I was there with my twin sista, Erin... (follow her on her blog, where she mentions this night as well, She told me that I should've seen the look on my face when they announced my name... LOL, wish I could've. A lot of people that I knew from nastix were there, and they were all like "If you don't need that, I know someone who does..." or something along that line. Even Erin's mom wanted it. :) It made my night sooo much better, for one I was with Erin, whom I never get to see, and then I won that, and then UK won! Yayay!

Unfortunately, right after I won the iPod, one of my favorite gymnasts, Whitney Rose, started her first tumbling pass on floor and collapsed. Her ankle had been turned in and as a result her knee was in as well, as she landed. This caused her knee to buckle or something bad enough that made her collapse, and not be able to get back up. Instantly, a hush fell over the crowd and they turned off her floor music. She hadn't been having a good night, though she won something on vault. She had already fallen once on her jump sequence on beam, and now this. After about 7ish minutes, they put her on a wheelchair/stretcher thingy and took her away to be examined. She never came back out, and there was a feeling of depression hanging in the air. The judges still counted her score based on the 10 seconds of routine that she had done before she collapsed: they gave her  a 4.700, but UK still won. The final score was 195.575(UK) to like 192.95(LSU). We won by quite a bit, which was interesting because LSU was ranked 4th, and we are 21st... something wrong with the picture???

I hope Whitney is okay, but it seemed to be a pretty bad injury so she will probably be out the rest of the season. :(     

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  1. Hey! Your iPod is so cool:D Thanks for following my blog:D